Black List


One of the rolls of NRADO is to be a watchdog and  investigate businesses, websites, information and anything in the public that uses the term Gypsy, claims to be Gypsy or is providing information about Gypsies.

The names and businesses on the right have done one or more of the following:

  • been reported as committing discriminatory acts against the Romani people
  • are using the term Gypsy in a way that is offensive or contrary to the culture
  • are spreading false or negative information
  • have not responded or complied with our requests for support

We have included their contact information and ask that you show your support by writing them a letter. 

If you are on the list and would like to respond or you feel your name has been added to this list in error, respond to the rep who initially contacted you or fill out our contact form

Gypsy Psychic Scams
Please write a letter and protest this site.  NOT ALL Psychics are GYPSIES!!


The Irish Savant - Racist blog

The Gypsy Troupe/Roman Journal
Misrepresenting Gypsies and the Culture. 
Reported, no response.


Leader Newspaper-
Reporting a discriminating article about Gypsies  Update:  ACCOUNT SUSPENDED YAY!

Irish Tony

Blog contains racist comments about Gypsies.

Fulham Reactionary-
Racist comments about Gypsies


Junk Gypsy Compan -Posting stereotypical definition of Gypsy.  Using the name to promote their business without posting any links or comments about what Gypsies really are.  Contacted, No response.

Pestiside.HU   - Website in budapest that contains Anti-Gypsy comments and "news"articles

Myspace forum with hateful comments

www.proelite.com - Jason Mayhem Miller and his hate video  

Dennis Marlock - We have received numerous complaints about Mr. Marlock, some entitled "biggot with a badge".  A 31 year veteran of the Milwaukee Police department  with several websites and publications on Fraud with numerous racist references to Gypsies and the Romani people. We have asked him to replace the word Gypsy with Mexican or Negro in his information and would he still publish that?  No response so far.

PLEASE write to the Chief of Police Edward Flynn at the Milwaukee PD: webhelp@milwaukee.gov   Please sign our petition asking the police to not allow him to use the police department resources to harass the Romani people.  SIGN NOW You can also file a citizen complaint here.

The Alien Stalker Ridiculous youtube page.  This is more of these claims of GYPSY scams.  They label anyone with dark skin (or even not dark skin) as Gypsy con artists.  Some of these people call themselves Gypsies but in reality many are not.  The most important thing to remember here is that if these scams were labeled "NEGRO" theft, or MEXICAN scams, it would not be allowed.  We have received reports that this is Dennis Marlock's page.  We have not proved that at this time.  If anyone has any factual information, please report it.

The Independent Florida Alligator today had this report of a local  Medieval fair

The Sun-Posting Anti-Gypsy stories Contact: n.francis@the-sun.co.uk

Monica Zugravu, student, Department of Biomedical Sciences University at Buffalo-Sending hatemail from the University Server.  Please note, to date, the University has responded and appears to be cooperating. mzugravu@buffalo.edu

Yelp We have had ongoing complaints against Yelp for not removing racist comments and reviews.  We have set up accounts with some comments containing racist remarks against Hispanics and African Americans.  They were swiftly removed.  However, when we posted the same comments using Gypsies we get letters saying they carefully considered it but chose to keep the review intact.

EBay- We have a store on eBay that is meant to help guide people to accurate information and call out the fakes.  eBay does not consider Gypsies a minority therefore they do not protect from false and damaging information or people using the culture or terms to sell their items.  Clicking on the link will take you to an example of the types of sites we are constantly complaining to and about.  Writing eBay will help, as if we have enough people complain, we can hopefully get the same kind of monitoring as the Native Americans and other cultures get.

KVET Country Radio station 98.1 in Austin Texas is currently running an ad for Wheeler Coatings Asphalt Inc.   This is a wholesaler that supplies asphalt, sealer and other road-surfacing supplies to pavers. Radio  show host on KVET was advertising Wheeller coatings.  After promoting the company, he then began to attack Gypsies on the air.  We have him saying "do not let those Gypsies in town do your driveway! They water down their material, and the first rain will wash it all off. They drive those fancy new trucks and take advantage of everybody they deal with----you are better off to let Wheeler take care of all your asphalt needs." A Wheeler employee told us that this commercial had already been running for about 2 weeks.   Romanichals in the central Texas area in fact purchase their supplies from Wheeler --- evidently the company can't always tell who is a "Gypsy," and is unaware that Romani Americans constitute an ethnic minority recognized as such by the US Bureau of the Census and protected from racial discrimination under Title VII of the 1968 Civil Rights Act.  KVET also apparently believes that the label "Gypsy" refers to a way of life and not to an ethnic minority.  Local Romanichals are considering filing a class action suit.

Wheeler Coating is at
3099 N I H 35
Round Rock, TX 78664
Phone: (512) 346-3839
The manager is President of the company is Mr. Jack Wheeler.
No e-mail.

KVET-FM Radio is at
3601 South Congress Avenue
Building F
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 684-7300
The General Sales Manager is Lance Aldridge at (512) 684-7331