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Daniela Bamberger
Professor Ian Hancock - educator
Yvonne Slee
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Dr. Ian Hancock
Head Council Member
Regional Rep. Texas

Romani scholar, Dr, Ian Hancock  became the first Roma in British history to receive a PhD.   Admitted to a doctoral program at London University  40 years ago on the strength of his extraordinary gift for linguistics — and as part of Prime Minister Harold Wilson's fledgling experiment with "affirmative action"  Dr. Ian Hancock has since devoted much of his adult life to dispelling ignorance about the ethnic group into which he was born.  He is the official ambassador to the United Nations and UNICEF for the world’s 15 million Romanies and the only Romani to have been appointed to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

The noted linguist is founder and director of the Romani Archives and Documentation Center at the University of Texas at Austin, where he has been a professor of English, linguistics and Asian studies since 1972.  Growing up in England. he was told to hide his Roma or "Gypsy" identity; now he celebrates his ethnic heritage and has made it his mission in life to help ensure that future generations of Roma do the same.

He has organized and maintains at The University of Texas at Austin the Romani Archives and Documentation Center (RADOC), the largest collection of Romani materials in the world, with more than 25,000 books, monographs, bound articles, prints, transparencies, photos, audio- and video-recorded media items. The center also contains reports from international human rights groups, including Helsinki Watch, a division of Human Rights Watch, that document rising violence against Romanies and the continuing problem of discrimination in employment and social services. In Europe, rapes, murders and assaults on Romanies by skinheads and Neo-Nazi street gangs have greatly increased over the past decade but the incidents usually go uncovered by the press.

“Unlike the Jews, the fate of the Romanies in Europe has not improved,” says Dr. Stephen Feinstein, director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota. “In fact, one can argue that it has gotten worse, especially in the Czech republic. So voices like Hancock’s are needed in both the struggle for memory as well as for human rights.”

Dani Bamberger
-Council Member & Regional Rep. West Coast
Dani comes from a long line of well known Romani activists and supporters whose contributions to the community have been boundless.  From Romani Rose who founded the Documentation Center for Sinti and Roma in Heidelberg
http://www.sintiundroma.de/content/index.php?navID=0&tID=0&aID=0 to her mother who is a Guardian et Litem and translator for Romani youths in jail.  She is the grandaughter of Sinti Auschwitz survivors and was the first Sinti in the US to be recognized as a minority by a and receive a scholarship as Sinti where she got her BA in Photojournalism.   Like her mother Sita who was trained by Ansel Adams, she quickly excelled in documentary photojournalism, being published in various local and national publications including national geographic projects.  
Dani has worked as a celebrity Personal Assistant for about 16 years.

In her spare time she volunteers for animal rescue organizations and she creates marquetry art, an old wood working skill taught to her by her grandfather who also made violins.   She recently started the Lachichai Scholarship Foundation that currently funds the college educations of 2 Sinti students

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."

Yvonne Slee-Council Member & Regional Rep. Australia
Yvonne Slee is a well respected Sinti author and activist.  She grew up in Germany but currently lives in Australia where she works as a writer.  Yvonne currently has 4 published books, one of them a biography of her grandmother’s life through 2 world wars.  She also recently induced The Anti-stereotyping Romani exhibit in the North Queensland museum which portrays the parts Romanies played in local history including jobs they did, things to do with the culture and history, the Romani holocaust, articles, maps, captions, pictures on big boards, the flag, and the national anthem Gelem Gelem..  She can be heard on several radio shows talking about Romani rights and is always looking for ways to create public awareness of  her culture.  She is currently running http://www.rromaniconnect.org/.
  My motto: stick to your principles and follow your heart. Te aves zurali.

Ronald Lee-Council Member (Canada)

Ronald Lee (born 1934) is a Canadian Romani writer, linguist and activist.  Lee's father was a Kalderash musician from Europe. He emigrated to Canada where he got married, taking his wife's surname, Lee.  He began to work with the Canadian Roma as an activist in 1965, through Kris Romani (Romani internal judicial assembly) trying to foster a better understanding between Roma and non-Roma, to combat prejudice and misinformation in newspapers and to help the Roma represent themselves. In the 1970s, he got involved in helping the Romani refugees from the Communist Eastern Bloc and ex-Yugoslavia and, from 1989-1990, those seeking asylum as persecuted Roma in their former countries. He went with Yul Brynner, Ian Hancock and John Tene to the United Nations on July 5, 1978 to present a Romani petition asking for NGO status. This was granted a year later.  In 1997, he initiated and was one of the founders of Roma Community and Advocacy Centre[1] (based in Toronto) and the Western Canadian Romani Alliance, in Vancouver, in 1998. Ronald Lee teaches a course on the Romani Diaspora at the University of Toronto. 

  • Goddam Gypsy, a popular novel translated into Spanish, German, Italian, Serbian, Czech, Russian, and other languages. Published by Tundra Books of Montreal, and McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, Canada, 1971
  • Learn Romani: Das-duma Rromanes, University Of Hertfordshire Press, 2005

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