Get Involved

We are currently looking for  help with the following:

  • Be a local representative.  A local representative, is available to talk to the media, represent the culture at various events, follow up on offenders, and monitor the media, all in your area.  After a case is reported an the initial letter goes out with your information, you will be responsible for reporting back by the deadline whether the person has complied or not and will submit black list submission requests.  You must be Romani or be well informed on Romani current events and culture. We ask that you take initiative to attend local events that would require our benefit from our presence, download materials from the site and pass them out.    The goal would be to raise awareness and try and direct people organizations that raise money for Romani causes including ours.   If you want to be a representative in your area, send a request with your name, a photo and short bio and contact information to romanigypsy@gmail.com.
  • Lecturer or educator- As a lecturer or educator you must be willing to travel and teach classes or lecture if ever called on.  People may contact you to attend events so you have to be well spoken and not only well versed in Romani history but also be up to speed on current events.  If interested send your CV to romanigypsy@gmail.com.
  • Writer/Photographers/Artists/Musicians-We are looking for articles, stories, poetry, photos, art, music, etc. to go in the cultural and news sections.  Submit them to romanigypsy@gmail.com
  • Letter Writers-Letter writers check the black list regularly and write letters to violators via email and letters. 
  • Reporters-A reporter searches the internet, movies, television, events, businesses, print etc. for violations then reports them via our webform.  Reporters are the MOST important job as without finding the violations we cant correct them. 
  • News Reporter-We currently need a person to keep the news section updated.  This person should know where to find up to date news regarding the Romani community.  You must be able to submit weekly updates that include articles downloaded from the AP or preferably articles written by you along with photos and other supporting documentation that will be uploaded to the site weekly.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above positions or have any questions, contact us.


NRADO was founded in Manheim, Germany, but  the website, scholarship, educational resources and sponsorships are handled by volunteers and members in the US where it is considered an unincorporated association.   Its 501(c)(3) application is currently being processed.  For now, it is privately funded by members and businesses.   In order to be able to send out materials, provide legal assistance, and to cover the expenses of our lecturers and educators, we depend on our sponsors.  If you would like to become a sponsor, email sintigypsy@yahoo.com.


Each of you can support the Romani cause by writing letters any and every time you see discriminatory behavior or information being published.  Write letters to everyone on our black list and report any offenses not listed on our site.